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Boutique Nanny Placement Agency

The Nanny Circle - Know your children are safe, learning and happy.

Welcome to The Nanny Circle

Located in the heart of Queen’s Park, London, we are a bespoke Nanny Placement Agency. We believe that your most precious moments should be reserved for your family. To that end, our recruitment process offers a comprehensive, tailored service, alleviating you from the hours typically spent in searches. Our primary objective is to establish long-term connections that infuse tranquility and peace into your home life. Central to our ethos is your child’s happiness, safety, and well-being. Guided by qualified educators, education plays a pivotal role in our recruitment and selection process at The Nanny Circle.


We recently worked with The Nanny Circle to find our dream nanny for our toddler and baby twins. Working with Georgina was a great experience - she is incredibly knowledgable and takes the time to explain each step (it was our first time hiring a nanny) and gets to know your family and needs in detail. She curated a shortlist of great candidates based on our lengthy chats, I really felt that she understood what we were looking for and hand-picked some amazing people to meet. We ended up hiring our wonderful nanny within a few short weeks and I am feeling much more confident about returning to work knowing the children will be well taken care of. I would absolutely recommend The Nanny Circle to anyone looking for a a personalised experience to find your perfect fit!
Brilliantly bespoke service and only offered me the best CVs. I would highly recommend to anyone in search of a fantastic nanny. Really a cut above the rest on every front!
Our experience with Georgina at The Nanny Circle agency has been exceptional. Her professionalism and commitment to understanding our family’s unique needs set her apart. She not only presented us with highly qualified candidates but also guided us through the entire process with unparalleled expertise. We had never employed a nanny before so Georgina’s personalised approach made the journey seamless and stress-free. We initially considered finding a nanny independently but are incredibly grateful we chose Georgina. Beyond the recruitment phase, Georgina continues to add immense value, providing post-hiring support and assistance. Her dedication and genuine care for both families and nannies make her an invaluable resource.
The Nanny Circle have been a delight to work work. They are quick and responsive and professional. Georgina took the time to listen and understand what we needed. All of the candidates we spoke to had relevant training and experience. We've now found our excellent full-time nanny and we would love to keep her until our children go to school. Thank you so much Georgina, you saved us a great deal of time hassle and stress. We recommend this service to anyone looking for a fantastic nanny.
Georgina was great in placing me with the right family. I was really happy in the way she was so quick and proactive in getting me out to interviews. I was used to agencies forgetting about me once registered and having to constantly chase them for jobs and feedback. Georgina matched me with a wonderful family, which I am still in 9 months later. I always recommend Georgina to friends and family.
Excellent service and wonderful candidates!
The Nanny Circle has been absolutely fantastic, streamlining and de-stressing a process which can be daunting. Georgina shortlisted candidates, coordinated interviews and ensured our exact childcare requirements. Every stage has been smooth and stress free and I can't recommend them highly enough.
Excellent agency that has found childcare support for us during a particularly difficult time. The team were always there whenever there was an issue to help sort it out. Couldn't recommend them enough.
Nanny Circle, thank you so much! You have been so easy to work with and the candidates are amazing!
We had a wonderful experience working with The Nanny Circle to find our nanny. They really listened to what we needed as a family and were able to match us with someone who was an excellent fit.
Thank you for your kind assistance with this search. We worked with another nanny agency and I must say that your approach was superior!
The Nanny Circle has been incredible at finding the best choice of nannies for us to meet and ultimately find someone perfect to help with our 2yo and newborn baby. If we ever need to find a new nanny I’ll be contacting them again before anyone else!