Find The Right Nanny: How Do We Get It Right?

Finding The Right Nanny: How do we get it right?

Finding the perfect nanny for your family is absolutely crucial. I often hear from anxious parents who have had both amazing and challenging experiences with past nannies, leaving them uncertain about how to ensure they find the ideal match.

At The Nanny Circle, there’s no magic formula, but we strive to provide you with the best options possible. Here’s how:

We set realistic expectations and offer insights from the job market. We’ll guide you on realistic expectations and provide clarity on what you can anticipate paying your nanny, as well as what you should expect in return.

We listen attentively to your concerns, successes, and gain a deep understanding of what you are looking for in a nanny. This helps to navigate through the things that have worked for you in the past to ensure all bases are covered. For new parents, we can use our experience to guide you and discuss the available options and what you can expect from a nanny.

When interviewing candidates, we maintain exceptionally high standards. Our interviews are thorough, reflecting the same level of scrutiny we would apply if hiring someone to care for our own children. Some applicants with years of experience may not make it onto our books due to a lack of charisma or enthusiasm during the interview, or unrealistic salary expectations.

We strive to maintain fairness and equal support for both families and nannies during the matchmaking process. Our goal is to reach the fairest solution for both parties, not just offering the maximum salary to each candidate, but working within a client’s described salary bracket.

We also appreciate how demanding the job of a nanny is and we value clients who understand and value this too. Therefore, we aim to provide our candidates fair and attractive compensation for their skillset and experience. We believe that when a candidate feels appreciated and fairly compensated, they will offer their total commitment and dedication to the role, providing a long term commitment and consistency for the child.

Finding the right nanny is a journey, and we’re here to guide you every step of the way.