Finding The Perfect Nanny: A Parent’s Perspective

My Essential Five-Point Checklist

Finding the right nanny isn’t just about ticking boxes. It’s about finding someone who seamlessly fits into the rhythm of our family life. Over time, I’ve realised that the perfect match hinges on these five fundamental qualities:

  1. Clear Professional Communication Keeping in touch about the little things matters immensely. I value a nanny who communicates openly, ensuring I’m updated about my child’s day. It’s not just about relaying incidents, but also sharing news and precious moments that I might have missed.
  2. Positive Upbeat Attitude Every day with children brings its own set of challenges. I’m on the lookout for someone who not only manages these but goes that extra mile when they can. Someone who can think creatively to keep them entertained on a rainy afternoon at home, or organise a surprise picnic after school as a treat. Someone who doesn’t need constant direction and brings their own ideas to the table is a fantastic asset.
  3. A Genuine Passion for Childcare, Supported by Training It’s easy to spot someone who truly loves what they do. A genuine affection for children, backed by solid training, brings a level of care and expertise that’s truly unparalleled.
  4. Experience experience in a similar family dynamic or with children the same age brings instant peace of mind. They don’t need to have years of experience but knowing they can handle the pressures of the role is essential.
  5. Enthusiasm and Energy As a parent we all know kids are exhausting. Someone who can keep up with the children and has a naturally high energy level to match the role.

In essence, while qualifications matter, it’s often the personal qualities that stand out. The journey to find that ideal nanny is truly about finding someone who feels less like hired help and more like a valued addition to our family.