Top Tips & Good Nanny Habits

The little things go a long way

1. Learn about the children’s interests

Take an interest in the children’s hobbies. Try to plan activities related to the things they like. For example, if a child loves reading or writing, work as a team to write and illustrate a story. 

2. Plan your days

Children like and need structure, so plan the day to involve fun activities they like doing. Try to get outdoors at least once a day. Try to limit screen time as much as possible. 

3. Be consistent

Be fair, and consistent and follow through on promises you make.

If you say they can come back to the park tomorrow and this doesn’t happen, they may find it hard to trust your guidance in the future. 

4. Stay positive

Children are still learning how to regulate their emotions. If they are having an off day, they need your positivity even more than usual.

5. Phones away

We feel strongly that nannies should limit phone use to parental contact and emergencies only. 

Not only is it unprofessional to be on your phone while nannying, but it also sends a message to the children that you are not interested in them. 

Being on your phone around the children can cause them to act out for your attention. It is also dangerous not to be focused on what they are doing especially when outside of the home.