Newborn Care

The Benefits of a Maternity Nanny for New Parents

Is Having a Maternity Nanny For You?

Being a new parent is amazing, but it can also be challenging. So, when it comes to childcare, more parents are choosing experts who can offer practical help and advice. That’s where the role of a maternity nanny comes in. Here’s why these nannies are so special and how they can help.


A maternity nanny is trained just for newborn care. They know about feeding, setting routines and even getting the baby to sleep through the night. Their knowledge extends to hygiene, health and safety, first aid, and to recognising common illnesses. Maternity Nannies have undergone training with official course providers such as Babyem. Maternity Nannies are trained in safe sleep practices including knowledge about the safest sleeping positions and environments for infants to reduce the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).


They do more than just look after the baby; they share important knowledge that helps make the first months easier for parents. They can offer emotional support to new parents including help with baby bonding and attachment: encouraging healthy bonding between parents and baby.

The role of these nannies is not just about caring for babies; they’re also there to guide new parents. Having a Maternity Nanny is like having a trusted friend who’s been through it all before. They provide postnatal recovery by providing guidance and support to mothers recovering from childbirth.

As well as parental reassurance, Maternity Nannies can also teach parents best practices in baby care, from swaddling techniques to understanding baby cues.

Many Maternity Nannies will offer night care, allowing parents to get more rest.

Thinking of Hiring a Maternity Nanny?

Choosing a maternity nanny is about making sure both parents and the baby get the best care from the very beginning. In London fees for a Maternity Nanny start at £20 per hour. Maternity Nannies can be employed for a short duration of 4 weeks up to 4 months.

If you are thinking about hiring a Maternity Nanny, reach out to The Nanny Circle Agency for more details and a personalised search.