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Tips For Families

How To Welcome Your New Nanny

Here are our top tips on how to ensure a smooth transition when starting with your new nanny.

1. Provide your nanny with all of the information they need.  Don’t expect your nanny to know the ins and outs of your household before you have given them sufficient time to learn the ropes. To speed up this process we recommend providing a manual for all the useful home and children related things they need to know. The children’s routine and schedule, relevant passwords, timetables of the children’s classes. With time your nanny will know these things but at first, it’s nice to have all the info in one place.

2. A little welcome gift 

A little gift goes a long way, make your nanny feel appreciated, welcomed and at home with a small thoughtful gift. This could even me something the children have made!

3. Introductions

Make your nanny feel welcome by introducing them properly to important people such as family members, your children’s teachers, other parents or nannies.

4. Nanny Kitty 

Ensure you leave sufficient funds to cover expenses such as activities classes and groceries.

We suggest a top up debit card, contact our team for recommendations.

5. One week review 

Communication is key.

Sit down with your nanny after the first week. Even if just to talk about what went well and thank them. There may be things to iron out but discussing these face to face is the best option.